Women | Men | Gay Men | Seniors
Dr. Friedman conducts ongoing psychotherapy groups with 5 to 10 participants.  Weekly group sessions take place at her office in Santa Monica, California and last one hour and thirty minutes.

Members have the opportunity to talk about their own problems and hear about the issues of others. In a safe, supportive, and confidential environment, members can actively participate, observe and reflect. Group interaction provides members with feedback—not only from the Dr. Friedman, but from other members. In group therapy, members often find encouragement and a sense of security in realizing that they are not alone.

Separation | Raising children | Life changes | Online dating
Single and married women in their 30s and 40s share their challenges and insights related to partnerships, parenting, self-identity, and careers.

Parenting | Job loss | Career issues | Marriage | Divorce
Single men and fathers in their 30s and 40s share their experiences and support one another to discuss the challenges and expectations they have for themselves as fathers, husbands, role-models, and breadwinners.

Coming out | Living as a gay person | Partnership | Parenting | Health Issues
Gay men share their diverse experiences and support one another through the challenges of partner relationships, workplace dynamics, health issues, self-care, and raising a family.

Losing a partner | Facing aging | Welcoming change
Men and Women in their mid-60s through 80s support each other through the pain of losing loved ones, facing challenges of the aging process, and focus on new opportunities for growth and fulfillment as their lives change.