Married Couples | Unmarried Couples
Dr. Friedman offers a variety of options for couples therapy for both married and unmarried couples. Therapy needs and demands vary depending on the couple and the challenges they face, but may include:

  • creating a more fulfilling relationship,
  • managing differences,
  • learning how to resolve conflicts,
  • recognizing and changing troublesome patterns
  • communicating and negotiating in a productive and positive manner,
  • uncovering/healing wounds, and
  • solving problems as a team.

Dr. Friedman can meet with a couple once a week for a few sessions to address a specific, immediate issue or she can meet with couples over a period of several months to address a longer-term set of issues affecting the relationship.

Married Couples
Married couples therapy provides a safe place to grow together, help rebuild a relationship that is in trouble, resolve conflicts, practice positive communication, or make appropriate choices about whether to continue living together or to separate. These can seem like daunting problems, and Dr. Friedman is there to help couples to work through their problems, fears, challenges, and life choices together.

Unmarried Couples
Premarital couples counseling can help to address and resolve specific issues before committing to marriage. Couples considering marriage will find Dr. Friedman to be a valuable resource in discussing potential or existing stressors in the relationship, in addition to coming up with practices that help couples to resolve conflicts preemptively.